Hiya! Welcome to the first of many Geelong Portrait Studio blogs! 

We’ve created this space to talk all things photography and printed art, as well as keeping you up to date with the ins and outs of what Geelong Portrait Studio is up to.

So, I suppose now is as good a time as any to introduce you to the mind behind Geelong Portrait Studio, Peter Foster.

From the moment you meet Pete you can feel his energy and passion for what he does, and this is reflected in the exceptional quality of this work.

Growing up in Geelong, he spent a lot of his time being creative and tinkering with things. He can’t remember a moment without a camera in his hand; even as a child he wouldn’t leave the house without his grandmother’s camera.

It wasn’t until high school that his skills really began to shine through, he learned on black and white film and darkroom printing - the foundations of a love for printed, tangible art.

A whole heap of self-learning and professional experience later, Pete set up his first studio in 2016 - working in fashion, product and lifestyle photography.

Pete’s clients range everywhere from small local businesses, government organisations and global brands.

The special love for portraiture has always been with Peter, but he saw a gap in the market for quality products at an affordable price and therefore, Geelong Portrait Studio was born.

Too many friends were paying through the roof for family photos or having to travel to Melbourne for a unique, tailored photography experience with their family, we needed an affordable boutique studio here in Geelong, and that’s what he did.

This, combined with a love for meeting new people, capturing personalities and an amazing bond with children (he really is just a big kid himself) lead to the opening of Geelong Portrait Studio.

Photographing families is something personal and in Pete’s opinion (and mine) is very important, creating images that reflect on the most important people in someone’s life and giving them something they will look back on and cherish forever is what we thrive on and you can see this in every session.

The smile, the energy and that gosh darned infectious laugh does not falter once, regardless of circumstance, and that’s because he really does love what he does and loves giving everyone their own, unique experience when coming through the Geelong Portrait Studio doors.

One thing that we live and breathe by here at Geelong Portrait Studio is having printed product rather than digital files. All printing and framing here is done in house and to archival standards, so all our products will be good for 200 years.

No one knows where digital technology is going, current file formats may not be compatible with future devices, that’s why we think it SO important to have tangible product to cherish your memories with the ones closest to you – we’ll touch on just how important printed product is in a future blog!

So that’s us in a nutshell! We hope you follow along in this journey with us to have our images of your loved ones on the walls of every family in Geelong! (Hey, we can dream, can’t we?!)

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We hope to see you soon.

- The Geelong Portrait Studio Crew 

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