How to prepare for your studio session

Happy Friday everyone! 

So, you’ve booked in a studio session with us and you’re wondering what the hell you need to do to prepare for the shoot but also want to make sure you get the most out of your session.

In this post we’ll give you some handy tips and tricks to ensure you have the ultimate day out at Geelong Portrait Studio.


* Get your kids excited about the shoot – that way they’re looking forward to the day from the get-go. They will be much easier to get ready and, in the car, because it’s something they’re looking forward to, this will also help them to feel more comfortable on shoot day and ensure you get the most candid moments!

* Involve everyone in the planning – this means choosing outfits together, a theme for your shoot and if you want any props on the day. Being such a special moment, it is essential that everyone is on board with what you want on the day for the best outcome possible!

* PLAN AHEAD – while we are more than happy to plan a shoot for you, ensuring the end images you receive are exactly the way you envisioned them can rely heavily on how you want your shoot designed. If you have a crystal-clear idea of how you want your session set up, we will make sure that vision comes to life. If you’re not too sure about what you want, we will work together to build a package that promises you will have your ultimate day out.


* TRUST US – ensuring that you have full trust in our process and skills will 100% guarantee the quality of product you receive at the end will be nothing short of beautiful.

* HAVE FUN - Be aware that what we’re capturing is more than just posed moments - we’re looking to capture personalities and relationships. Of course you can smile directly at the camera, but we also want to see laughter, the tickles, the silly faces you make at one another; these moments are what we thrive on and we will get the most candid images we can so that you can remember those moments forever.

* What to wear? – essentially whatever you want! What you feel most comfortable in, not dressed to the nines if that’s not your usual level of comfort; because this will come across in images. Of course, we encourage themes as well, if your little one wants to come dressed as superhero, then why the hell can’t they!? It will make for some adorable photos (and some even better 21st photos).

We are fun, laid-back and completely professional here at Geelong Portrait Studio, we will make sure that you receive exactly what you paid for and every client will leave with precious memories of those they hold near and dear.

We hope this post covers any hesitations or questions you may have had about preparing for a session with us and we can’t wait to make some precious memories together! 

- The Geelong Portrait Studio Crew

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