Handy tips and tricks on what to wear to your portrait session

So you’ve booked in a photography session and you’re not quite sure how to style yourself or your family, well no worries – we’ve got you covered! 

These are a couple of handy tips and tricks that should help you and your family avoid a matchy matchy, wishy washy situation for your portrait session: 

  • For starters, it’s best to choose a theme or colour palette. Deciding the basic tone of the clothing (whether that be warm or cool toned) will make it easier to find outfits for all involved. 
  • Another major tip we have is to wear clothing that you are most comfortable in, if you’re dressed to the nines and it’s not your usual style, this will come across in photos. Being comfortable and feeling beautiful in your own skin is what we want to portray through our images and comfortable clothing is often key to getting that perfect snap.
  • Clothing that does not attract attention away from the primary subjects should be the ultimate goal; we want you to be the defining feature of the finished product, not a bold print or logo on a clothing piece. 

For the ladies 

  • Solid colours look best 
  • Dark colours (especially jeans) are quite slimming 
  • Structured dresses are incredibly flattering 
  • Don’t over accessorise – one statement piece is more than enough 
  • Most importantly, choose an outfit that you feel beautiful in! 

The kiddos 

  •  Kids in bright colours look exceptional so if you have a bold colour within your chosen palette, let you child show it off! 
  • Once you’ve organised your outfit, pull clothes out from your children’s closet so that it is easier to coordinate from your outfit rather than the other way around. 
  • Make sure they are also comfortable in what they are wearing.


  • Dad is a lot easier to get ready as his outfit can be quite simple and use two or three colours from your palette. 
  • Always remember to pack a belt!
  • Make sure his shoes aren’t too bulky as this will come through in photographs. 

So there you have it, a few helpful tips and tricks to take into consideration when planning your photoshoot outfit!
As always, the team are more than happy to help you with a theme and colour palette for you shoot to ensure you get the best quality shoot you deserve.

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